List of all district's in the world with Latitude and Longitude

# Name Country Latitude Longitude Other Language Names
121 As Sab`in District Yemen 15.315065999944514 44.21977999999999 "name"=>"مديرية السبعين", "name:ar"=>"مديرية السبعين", "name:de"=>"As Sabain", "name:en"=>"As Sab`in District", "name:fr"=>"As Sabain", "alt_name"=>"السبعين", "int_name"=>"As Sab‘īn"
122 As Sabrah Yemen 13.841008999771917 44.338649 "name"=>"مديرية السبرة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية السبرة", "name:de"=>"As Sabrah", "name:en"=>"As Sabrah", "name:fr"=>"As Sabrah", "int_name"=>"As Sabrah"
123 As Saddah Yemen 14.14329199980667 44.37507 "name"=>"مديرية السدة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية السدة", "name:de"=>"As Saddah", "name:en"=>"As Saddah", "name:fr"=>"As Saddah", "int_name"=>"As Saddah"
124 As Safiyah Yemen 15.337946999947201 44.235546 "name"=>"مديرية الصافية", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الصافية", "name:de"=>"As Safiyah", "name:en"=>"As Safiyah", "name:fr"=>"As Safiyah", "int_name"=>"Aş Şāfīyah"
125 As Safra Yemen 17.02115700013764 43.84026599999999 "name"=>"مديرية الصفراء", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الصفراء", "name:de"=>"As Safra", "name:en"=>"As Safra", "name:fr"=>"As Safra", "int_name"=>"Aş Şafrā’"
126 As Said Yemen 14.280410999822609 46.86933 "name"=>"مديرية الصعيد", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الصعيد", "name:de"=>"As Said", "name:en"=>"As Said", "name:fr"=>"As Said", "int_name"=>"Aş Şa‘īd"
127 As Salafiyah Yemen 14.657992999866888 43.821647 "name"=>"مديرية السلفية", "name:ar"=>"مديرية السلفية", "name:de"=>"As Salafiyah", "name:en"=>"As Salafiyah", "name:fr"=>"As Salafiyah", "int_name"=>"As Salafīyah"
128 As Salif Yemen 15.24771299993656 42.71638399999999 "name"=>"مديرية الصليف", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الصليف", "name:de"=>"As Salif", "name:en"=>"As Salif", "name:fr"=>"As Salif", "int_name"=>"Aş Şalīf"
129 As Sawd District Yemen 15.813366000002905 43.777021 "name"=>"مديرية السود", "name:ar"=>"مديرية السود", "name:de"=>"As Sawd", "name:en"=>"As Sawd District", "name:fr"=>"As Sawd", "int_name"=>"As Sawd"
130 As Sawm District Yemen 15.99022300002337 49.668633 "name"=>"مديرية السوم", "name:ar"=>"مديرية السوم", "name:de"=>"Mudiriyat As Sawm", "name:en"=>"As Sawm District", "name:fr"=>"Mudiriyat As Sawm", "int_name"=>"As Sawm"
131 As Sawmah Yemen 14.227710999816464 45.83112499999999 "name"=>"مديرية الصومعة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الصومعة", "name:de"=>"As Sawmah", "name:en"=>"As Sawmah", "name:fr"=>"As Sawmah", "int_name"=>"Aş Şawm‘ah"
132 As Sayyani Yemen 13.823542999769925 44.211837 "name"=>"مديرية السياني", "name:ar"=>"مديرية السياني", "name:de"=>"As Sayyani", "name:en"=>"As Sayyani", "name:fr"=>"As Sayyani", "int_name"=>"As Sayyānī"
133 As Silw Yemen 13.348266999716763 44.207187 "name"=>"مديرية الصلو", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الصلو", "name:de"=>"As Silw", "name:en"=>"As Silw", "name:fr"=>"As Silw", "int_name"=>"Aş Şilw"
134 As Sudah District Yemen 15.968520200020865 43.77603119999999 "name"=>"مديرية السودة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية السودة", "name:de"=>"Mudiriyat As Sudah", "name:en"=>"As Sudah District", "name:fr"=>"Mudiriyat As Sudah", "int_name"=>"As Sūdah"
135 As Sukhnah Yemen 14.780792999881381 43.334158 "name"=>"مديرية السخنة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية السخنة", "name:de"=>"As Sukhnah", "name:en"=>"As Sukhnah", "name:fr"=>"As Sukhnah", "int_name"=>"As Sukhnah"
136 As Suwadiyah Yemen 14.288795999823584 45.240705999999996 "name"=>"مديرية السوادية", "name:ar"=>"مديرية السوادية", "name:de"=>"As Suwadiyah", "name:en"=>"As Suwadiyah", "name:fr"=>"As Suwadiyah", "int_name"=>"As Sawādīyah"
137 Ash Shaghadirah Yemen 15.604230999978505 43.499160999999994 "name"=>"مديرية الشغادرة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الشغادرة", "name:de"=>"Ash Shaghadirah", "name:en"=>"Ash Shaghadirah", "name:fr"=>"Ash Shaghadirah", "int_name"=>"Ash Shaghādirah"
138 Ash Shahil Yemen 15.8589530000082 43.451598 "name"=>"مديرية الشاهل", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الشاهل", "name:de"=>"Ash Shahil", "name:en"=>"Ash Shahil", "name:fr"=>"Ash Shahil", "int_name"=>"Ash Shāhil"
139 Ash Shair Yemen 14.03654399979433 44.36194 "name"=>"مديرية الشعر", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الشعر", "name:de"=>"Ash Shair", "name:en"=>"Ash Shair", "name:fr"=>"Ash Shair", "int_name"=>"Ash Sha‘ir"
140 Ash Shamayatayn Yemen 13.178531999698302 43.979985 "name"=>"مديرية الشمايتين", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الشمايتين", "name:de"=>"Ash Shamayatayn", "name:en"=>"Ash Shamayatayn", "name:fr"=>"Ash Shamayatayn", "int_name"=>"Ash Shamāyatayn"

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