Terms and Condition

General Terms

By using this site you accept our below mentioned terms and conditions. You must be 18 years old to use this service.
This service should not be used for any illegal activities and any such usage can be brought to our notice through email at support@geokeo.com.
Using this site or registration means your agreement to our terms and conditions


Data is collected through various open sources and thus the integrity and correctness of data cannot be ascertained where data is updated by thousands of users on day to day basis.
Thus service should not be used for any mission critical usage. Thus geokeo cannot be held responsible for any kind of direct or indirect loss due to usage of this service.

Cancellation of service

We reserve the denial of service to anyone as we deem fit.Cancellation of subscription doesnot entitle customers to refund but the same will be done on request and if ascertained minimal or no usage of service has been done.

Data sharing and privacy

Data sharing has been documented in the privacy page and follow the link to know more-Geokeo Privacy


We reserve the right to change this document at any point of time and also change the subscription amount, limits and also completely stop the free usage limits as we deem fit.