List of all district's in the world with Latitude and Longitude

# Name Country Latitude Longitude Other Language Names
41 Al Haymah ad Dakhliyah Yemen 15.287396999941242 43.863730999999994 "name"=>"مديرية الحيمة الداخلية", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحيمة الداخلية", "name:de"=>"Al Haymah ad Dakhliyah", "name:en"=>"Al Haymah ad Dakhliyah", "name:fr"=>"Al Haymah ad Dakhliyah", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩaymah ad Dākhlīyah"
42 Al Haymah al Kharjiyah Yemen 15.006079999908007 43.84995299999999 "name"=>"مديرية الحيمة الخارجية", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحيمة الخارجية", "name:de"=>"Al Haymah al Kharjiyah", "name:en"=>"Al Haymah al Kharjiyah", "name:fr"=>"Al Haymah al Kharjiyah", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩaymah al Khārjīyah"
43 Al Hazm Yemen 16.08784000003458 44.95849199999999 "name"=>"مديرية الحزم", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحزم", "name:de"=>"Al Hazm", "name:en"=>"Al Hazm", "name:fr"=>"Al Hazm", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩazm"
44 Al Humaydat Yemen 16.468587000077633 44.429939 "name"=>"مديرية الحميدات", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحميدات", "name:de"=>"Al Humaydat", "name:en"=>"Al Humaydat", "name:fr"=>"Al Humaydat", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩumaydāt"
45 Al Husayn Yemen 13.771829999764053 44.828444 "name"=>"مديرية الحصين", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحصين", "name:de"=>"Al Husayn", "name:en"=>"Al Husayn", "name:fr"=>"Al Husayn", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩuşayn"
46 Al Husha Yemen 13.74551699976107 44.468489999999996 "name"=>"مديرية الحشاء", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحشاء", "name:de"=>"Al Husha", "name:en"=>"Al Husha", "name:fr"=>"Al Husha", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩushā’"
47 Al Husn Yemen 15.015693999909141 44.504388 "name"=>"مديرية الحصن", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحصن", "name:de"=>"Al Husn", "name:en"=>"Al Husn", "name:fr"=>"Al Husn", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩişn"
48 Al Jaafariyah Yemen 14.517340999850337 43.581712 "name"=>"مديرية الجعفرية", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الجعفرية", "name:de"=>"Al Jaafariyah", "name:en"=>"Al Jaafariyah", "name:fr"=>"Al Jaafariyah", "int_name"=>"Al Ja‘afarīyah"
49 Al Jabin Yemen 14.711697999873223 43.619622 "name"=>"مديرية الجبين", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الجبين", "name:de"=>"Al Jabin", "name:en"=>"Al Jabin", "name:fr"=>"Al Jabin", "int_name"=>"Al Jabīn"
50 Al Jamimah Yemen 16.047809000029986 43.529651 "name"=>"مديرية الجميمة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الجميمة", "name:de"=>"Al Jamimah", "name:en"=>"Al Jamimah", "name:fr"=>"Al Jamimah", "int_name"=>"Al Jamīmah"
51 Al Jubah Yemen 15.12925299992257 45.286811 "name"=>"مديرية الجوبة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الجوبة", "name:de"=>"Al Jubah", "name:en"=>"Al Jubah", "name:fr"=>"Al Jubah", "int_name"=>"Al Jūbah"
52 Al Khabt Yemen 15.497723999966011 43.368281999999994 "name"=>"مديرية الخبت", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الخبت", "name:de"=>"Al Khabt", "name:en"=>"Al Khabt", "name:fr"=>"Al Khabt", "int_name"=>"Al Khabt"
53 Al Khalq Yemen 16.06798200003231 44.79701699999999 "name"=>"مديرية الخلق", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الخلق", "name:de"=>"Al Khalq", "name:en"=>"Al Khalq", "name:fr"=>"Al Khalq", "int_name"=>"Al Khalaq"
54 Al Khawkhah Yemen 13.80556399976788 43.347376 "name"=>"مديرية الخوخة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الخوخة", "name:de"=>"Al Khawkhah", "name:en"=>"Al Khawkhah", "name:fr"=>"Al Khawkhah", "int_name"=>"Al Khawkhah"
55 Al Luhayyah Yemen 15.609468999979121 42.924776 "name"=>"مديرية اللحية", "name:ar"=>"مديرية اللحية", "name:de"=>"Al Luhayyah", "name:en"=>"Al Luhayyah", "name:fr"=>"Al Luhayyah", "alt_name"=>"Qada' al Luhayyah; Qaḑā’ al Luḩayyah; Alluheyah", "int_name"=>"Al Luḩayyah"
56 Al Ma`alla District Yemen 12.786997999656982 45.007386 "name"=>"مديرية المعلا", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المعلا", "name:de"=>"Al Maalla", "name:en"=>"Al Ma`alla District", "name:fr"=>"Al Maalla", "alt_name"=>"Al Mu`ala; Al Ma‘allā’; Al Mu‘alā; Al Ma`alla'", "int_name"=>"Al Ma‘allā"
57 Al Maafir Yemen 13.338553999715701 43.926225 "name"=>"مديرية المعافر", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المعافر", "name:de"=>"Al Maafir", "name:en"=>"Al Maafir", "name:fr"=>"Al Maafir", "int_name"=>"Al Ma‘āfir"
58 Al Madan Yemen 16.230147000050803 43.638952999999994 "name"=>"مديرية المدان", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المدان", "name:de"=>"Al Madan", "name:en"=>"Al Madan", "name:fr"=>"Al Madan", "int_name"=>"Al Madān"
59 Al Madaribah wa Al Arah Yemen 12.840632999662532 43.990569 "name"=>"مديرية المضاربة والعارة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المضاربة والعارة", "name:de"=>"Al Madaribah wa Al Arah", "name:en"=>"Al Madaribah wa Al Arah", "name:fr"=>"Al Madaribah wa Al Arah", "int_name"=>"Al Maḑāribah wa Al ‘Ārah"
60 Al Maflahi Yemen 13.785572999765607 45.10884399999999 "name"=>"مديرية المفلحي", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المفلحي", "name:de"=>"Al Maflahi", "name:en"=>"Al Maflahi", "name:fr"=>"Al Maflahi", "int_name"=>"Al Maflaḩī"

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