List of all district's in the world with Latitude and Longitude

# Name Country Latitude Longitude Other Language Names
81 Al Mina' District Yemen 14.830358999887228 42.91379599999999 "name"=>"مديرية الميناء", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الميناء", "name:de"=>"Mudiriyat Al Mina'", "name:en"=>"Al Mina' District", "name:fr"=>"Mudiriyat Al Mina'", "int_name"=>"Al Mīnā’"
82 Al Misrakh District Yemen 13.451835999728175 44.03485799999999 "name"=>"مديرية المسراخ", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المسراخ", "name:de"=>"Mudiriyat Al Misrakh", "name:en"=>"Al Misrakh District", "name:fr"=>"Mudiriyat Al Misrakh", "int_name"=>"Al Misrākh"
83 Al Mukalla Yemen 14.671117999868436 48.919889999999995 "name"=>"مديرية المكلا", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المكلا", "name:de"=>"Al Mukalla", "name:en"=>"Al Mukalla", "name:fr"=>"Al Mukalla", "int_name"=>"Al Mukallā"
84 Al Mukha Yemen 13.519983999735738 43.427980999999996 "name"=>"مديرية المخاء", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المخاء", "name:de"=>"Al Mukha", "name:en"=>"Al Mukha", "name:fr"=>"Al Mukha", "alt_name"=>"El Makha; Al Mukhā; Qaḑā’ al Mukhā; Qada' al Mukha; El Makhā; Makhā; Al Mukha; Makha; Al-Makha", "int_name"=>"Al Mukha"
85 Al Munirah Yemen 15.369213999950894 42.879943 "name"=>"مديرية المنيرة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المنيرة", "name:de"=>"Al Munirah", "name:en"=>"Al Munirah", "name:fr"=>"Al Munirah", "int_name"=>"Al Munīrah"
86 Al Musaymir Yemen 13.485466999731901 44.591407 "name"=>"مديرية المسيمير", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المسيمير", "name:de"=>"Al Musaymir", "name:en"=>"Al Musaymir", "name:fr"=>"Al Musaymir", "int_name"=>"Al Musaymīr"
87 Al Muzaffar Yemen 13.584996999742994 43.992714 "name"=>"مديرية المظفر", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المظفر", "name:de"=>"Al Muzaffar", "name:en"=>"Al Muzaffar", "name:fr"=>"Al Muzaffar", "int_name"=>"Al Muz̧affar"
88 Al Qaf Yemen 17.47715100018431 48.940512 "name"=>"مديرية القف", "name:ar"=>"مديرية القف", "name:de"=>"Al Qaf", "name:en"=>"Al Qaf", "name:fr"=>"Al Qaf", "int_name"=>"Al Quff"
89 Al Qaflah Yemen 16.357591000065202 43.677561999999995 "name"=>"مديرية القفلة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية القفلة", "name:de"=>"Al Qaflah", "name:en"=>"Al Qaflah", "name:fr"=>"Al Qaflah", "int_name"=>"Al Qaflah"
90 Al Qafr Yemen 14.276952999822205 44.08948 "name"=>"مديرية القفر", "name:ar"=>"مديرية القفر", "name:de"=>"Al Qafr", "name:en"=>"Al Qafr", "name:fr"=>"Al Qafr", "int_name"=>"Al Qafr"
91 Al Qahirah Yemen 13.593468999743946 44.010076 "name"=>"مديرية القاهرة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية القاهرة", "name:de"=>"Al Qahirah", "name:en"=>"Al Qahirah", "name:fr"=>"Al Qahirah", "int_name"=>"Al Qāhirah"
92 Al Qanawis Yemen 15.493067999965467 43.152892 "name"=>"مديرية القناوص", "name:ar"=>"مديرية القناوص", "name:de"=>"Al Qanawis", "name:en"=>"Al Qanawis", "name:fr"=>"Al Qanawis", "int_name"=>"Al Qanāwiş"
93 Al Qatn Yemen 16.016604000026405 48.21461099999999 "name"=>"مديرية القطن", "name:ar"=>"مديرية القطن", "name:de"=>"Al Qatn", "name:en"=>"Al Qatn", "name:fr"=>"Al Qatn", "alt_name"=>"Al Qaţn; Al Qatn", "int_name"=>"Al Qaţan"
94 Al Qubaytah District Yemen 13.34017199971588 44.502535 "name"=>"مديرية القبيطة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية القبيطة", "name:de"=>"Mudiriyat Al Qubaytah", "name:en"=>"Al Qubaytah District", "name:fr"=>"Mudiriyat Al Qubaytah", "int_name"=>"Al Qubayţah"
95 Al Qurayshiyah District Yemen 14.485871999846642 44.889627 "name"=>"مديرية القريشية", "name:ar"=>"مديرية القريشية", "name:de"=>"Al Qurayshiyah District", "name:en"=>"Al Qurayshiyah District", "name:fr"=>"Al Qurayshiyah", "int_name"=>"Al Qurayshīyah"
96 Al Wadia Yemen 13.719917999758168 46.012205 "name"=>"مديرية الوضيع", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الوضيع", "name:de"=>"Al Wadia", "name:en"=>"Al Wadia", "name:fr"=>"Al Wadia", "alt_name"=>"Al Wuḑay‘; Al Wuday`", "int_name"=>"Al Waḑī‘"
97 Al Waziiyah Yemen 13.17404799969782 43.729818 "name"=>"مديرية الوازعية", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الوازعية", "name:de"=>"Al Waziiyah", "name:en"=>"Al Waziiyah", "name:fr"=>"Al Waziiyah", "int_name"=>"Al Wāzi‘īyah"
98 Al `Abdiyah Yemen 14.733151999875753 45.393384 "name"=>"مديرية العبدية", "name:ar"=>"مديرية العبدية", "name:de"=>"العبدية", "name:en"=>"Al `Abdiyah", "name:fr"=>"العبدية", "int_name"=>"Al ‘Abdīyah"
99 Al `Udayn Yemen 13.961120999785656 43.96608500000001 "name"=>"مديرية العدين", "name:ar"=>"مديرية العدين", "name:de"=>"Al `Udayn", "name:en"=>"Al `Udayn", "name:fr"=>"Al `Udayn", "alt_name"=>"Qada' al `Udayn; Qaḑā’ al ‘Udayn; Al-Udein", "int_name"=>"Al ‘Udayn"
100 Alor Gajah Malaysia Singapore Brunei 2.383667899746005 102.2104689 "name"=>"Alor Gajah", "name:zh"=>"亚罗牙也县", "official_name"=>"Daerah Alor Gajah"

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