List of all district's in the world with Latitude and Longitude

# Name Country Latitude Longitude Other Language Names
21 Ahwar Yemen 13.6420899997494 46.755614 "name"=>"مديرية أحوار", "name:ar"=>"مديرية أحوار", "name:de"=>"Ahwar", "name:en"=>"Ahwar", "name:fr"=>"Ahwar", "alt_name"=>"Ahwar; Aḩwār; أحوار", "int_name"=>"Aḩwar"
22 Aihui China 50.096884199430484 126.85028179999999 "name"=>"爱辉区", "name:en"=>"Aihui", "name:vi"=>"Ái Huy", "name:zh"=>"爱辉区", "alt_name"=>"爱辉;Aihui District", "name:zh_pinyin"=>"àihuī qū"
23 Aimin China 44.70858960049343 129.5129995 "name"=>"爱民区", "name:en"=>"Aimin", "name:ru"=>"Айминь", "name:vi"=>"Ái Dân", "name:zh"=>"爱民区", "alt_name"=>"爱民;Aimin District;Aimin Qu", "name:zh_pinyin"=>"Àimín qū"
24 Ain Yemen 14.928286999898805 45.600437 "name"=>"مديرية عين", "name:ar"=>"مديرية عين", "name:de"=>"Ain", "name:en"=>"Ain", "name:fr"=>"Ain", "int_name"=>"‘Ayn"
25 Al Abr Yemen 15.938422000017397 47.228796 "name"=>"مديرية العبر", "name:ar"=>"مديرية العبر", "name:de"=>"Al Abr", "name:en"=>"Al Abr", "name:fr"=>"Al Abr", "int_name"=>"Al ‘Abr"
26 Al Arsh Yemen 14.36833099983287 44.777844 "name"=>"مديرية العرش", "name:ar"=>"مديرية العرش", "name:de"=>"Al Arsh", "name:en"=>"Al Arsh", "name:fr"=>"Al Arsh", "int_name"=>"Al ‘Arsh"
27 Al Ashah Yemen 16.40898000007097 43.84260299999999 "name"=>"مديرية العشة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية العشة", "name:de"=>"Al Ashah", "name:en"=>"Al Ashah", "name:fr"=>"Al Ashah", "int_name"=>"Al ‘Ashah"
28 Al Azariq Yemen 13.628087999747827 44.636954 "name"=>"مديرية الازارق", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الازارق", "name:de"=>"Al Azariq", "name:en"=>"Al Azariq", "name:fr"=>"Al Azariq", "int_name"=>"Al Azāriq"
29 Al Bayda' District Yemen 13.93665699978285 45.548217 "name"=>"مديرية البيضاء", "name:ar"=>"مديرية البيضاء", "name:de"=>"Qada al Bayda", "name:en"=>"Al Bayda' District", "name:fr"=>"Qada al Bayda", "alt_name"=>"قضاء البيضاء", "int_name"=>"Qaḑā’ al Bayḑā’, Qada al Bayda"
30 Al Burayqah Yemen 12.831372999661568 44.68771 "name"=>"مديرية البريقة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية البريقة", "name:de"=>"Al Burayqah", "name:en"=>"Al Burayqah", "name:fr"=>"Al Burayqah", "int_name"=>"Al Burayqah"
31 Al Garrahi Yemen 14.071227999798332 43.409426 "name"=>"مديرية الجراحي", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الجراحي", "name:de"=>"Al Garrahi", "name:en"=>"Al Garrahi", "name:fr"=>"Al Garrahi", "alt_name"=>"Al Garrāḩī; Al Garrahi", "int_name"=>"Al Jarrāḩī"
32 Al Ghayl Yemen 16.089532000034776 44.685219 "name"=>"مديرية الغيل", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الغيل", "name:de"=>"Al Ghayl", "name:en"=>"Al Ghayl", "name:fr"=>"Al Ghayl", "int_name"=>"Al Ghayl"
33 Al Ghayzah Yemen 16.328078000061886 52.081561 "name"=>"مديرية الغيظة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الغيظة", "name:de"=>"Al Ghayzah", "name:en"=>"Al Ghayzah", "name:fr"=>"Al Ghayzah", "int_name"=>"Al Ghayz̧ah"
34 Al Had Yemen 13.963593999785937 45.255297 "name"=>"مديرية الحد", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحد", "name:de"=>"Al Had", "name:en"=>"Al Had", "name:fr"=>"Al Had", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩad"
35 Al Hada Yemen 14.809325999884747 44.567918 "name"=>"مديرية الحداء", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحداء", "name:de"=>"Al Hada", "name:en"=>"Al Hada", "name:fr"=>"Al Hada", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩadā’"
36 Al Hajjaylah Yemen 14.973455999904147 43.582315 "name"=>"مديرية الحجيلة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحجيلة", "name:de"=>"Al Hajjaylah", "name:en"=>"Al Hajjaylah", "name:fr"=>"Al Hajjaylah", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩujaylah"
37 Al Hali Yemen 14.814234999885329 43.001412 "name"=>"مديرية الحالي", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحالي", "name:de"=>"Al Hali", "name:en"=>"Al Hali", "name:fa"=>"ناحیه الحالی", "name:ur"=>"الحالی ضلع", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩālī"
38 Al Hashwah Yemen 16.903134000125114 44.273846 "name"=>"مديرية الحشوة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحشوة", "name:de"=>"Al Hashwah", "name:en"=>"Al Hashwah", "name:fr"=>"Al Hashwah", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩashwah"
39 Al Hawak Yemen 14.75440099987826 42.997833 "name"=>"مديرية الحوك", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحوك", "name:de"=>"Al Hawak", "name:en"=>"Al Hawak", "name:fa"=>"ناحیه الحوک", "name:ur"=>"الحوک ضلع", "alt_name"=>"Al Ḩawk;Al Hawk", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩawak"
40 Al Hawtah District Yemen 13.062724999685887 44.881641 "name"=>"مديرية الحوطة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الحوطة", "name:de"=>"Mudiriyat Al Hawtah", "name:en"=>"Al Hawtah District", "name:fr"=>"Mudiriyat Al Hawtah", "int_name"=>"Al Ḩawţah"

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