List of all district's in the world with Latitude and Longitude

# Name Country Latitude Longitude Other Language Names
61 Al Maghrabah Yemen 15.870311000009508 43.609095 "name"=>"مديرية المغربة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المغربة", "name:de"=>"Al Maghrabah", "name:en"=>"Al Maghrabah", "name:fr"=>"Al Maghrabah", "alt_name"=>"Al Maghrabah", "int_name"=>"Al Maghribah"
62 Al Mahabishah Yemen 15.919786000015243 43.47706399999999 "name"=>"مديرية المحابشة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المحابشة", "name:de"=>"Al Mahabishah", "name:en"=>"Al Mahabishah", "name:fr"=>"Al Mahabishah", "int_name"=>"Al Maḩābishah"
63 Al Mahfad Yemen 14.018469999792245 46.75595799999999 "name"=>"مديرية المحفد", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المحفد", "name:de"=>"Al Mahfad", "name:en"=>"Al Mahfad", "name:fr"=>"Al Mahfad", "int_name"=>"Al Maḩfid"
64 Al Mahwit Yemen 15.387150999953008 43.566296 "name"=>"مديرية المحويت", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المحويت", "name:de"=>"Al Mahwit", "name:en"=>"Al Mahwit", "name:fr"=>"Al Mahwit", "int_name"=>"Al Maḩwīt"
65 Al Makhadir District Yemen 14.139652999806247 44.203303 "name"=>"مديرية المخادر", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المخادر", "name:de"=>"Mudiriyat Al Makhadir", "name:en"=>"Al Makhadir District", "name:fr"=>"Mudiriyat Al Makhadir", "alt_name"=>"Almakhader; Qaḑā’ al Makhādir; Qada' al Makhadir", "int_name"=>"Al Makhādir"
66 Al Malagim Yemen 14.3514559998309 45.385091 "name"=>"مديرية الملاجم", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الملاجم", "name:de"=>"Al Malagim", "name:en"=>"Al Malagim", "name:fr"=>"Al Malagim", "alt_name"=>"Al Malagim; Al Malāgim", "int_name"=>"Al Malājim"
67 Al Manar Yemen 14.654688999866503 44.116359 "name"=>"مديرية المنار", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المنار", "name:de"=>"Al Manar", "name:en"=>"Al Manar", "name:fr"=>"Al Manar", "int_name"=>"Al Manār"
68 Al Mansurah Yemen 12.853044999663819 44.97733699999999 "name"=>"مديرية المنصورة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المنصورة", "name:de"=>"Al Mansurah", "name:en"=>"Al Mansurah", "name:fr"=>"Al Mansurah", "int_name"=>"Al Manşūrah"
69 Al Mansuriyah Yemen 14.68373699986993 43.368159 "name"=>"مديرية المنصورية", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المنصورية", "name:de"=>"Al Mansuriyah", "name:en"=>"Al Mansuriyah", "name:fr"=>"Al Mansuriyah", "int_name"=>"Al Manşūrīyah"
70 Al Maqatirah Yemen 13.101819999690065 44.140422 "name"=>"مديرية المقاطرة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المقاطرة", "name:de"=>"Al Maqatirah", "name:en"=>"Al Maqatirah", "name:fr"=>"Al Maqatirah", "int_name"=>"Al Maqāţirah"
71 Al Marawiah Yemen 14.85584199989024 43.196523 "name"=>"مديرية المراوعة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المراوعة", "name:de"=>"Al Marawiah", "name:en"=>"Al Marawiah", "name:fr"=>"Al Marawiah", "int_name"=>"Al Marāwi‘ah"
72 Al Mashannah District Yemen 13.94389599978368 44.169984 "name"=>"مديرية المشنة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المشنة", "name:de"=>"Mudiriyat Al Mashannah", "name:en"=>"Al Mashannah District", "name:fr"=>"Mudiriyat Al Mashannah", "int_name"=>"Al Mashannah"
73 Al Masilah Yemen 15.68900499998842 50.644504 "name"=>"مديرية المسيلة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المسيلة", "name:de"=>"Al Masilah", "name:en"=>"Al Masilah", "name:fr"=>"Al Masilah", "int_name"=>"Al Masīlah"
74 Al Maslub Yemen 16.0967150000356 44.566733 "name"=>"مديرية المصلوب", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المصلوب", "name:de"=>"Al Maslub", "name:en"=>"Al Maslub", "name:fr"=>"Al Maslub", "int_name"=>"Al Maşlūb"
75 Al Matammah Yemen 16.199241000047298 44.390237 "name"=>"مديرية المطمة", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المطمة", "name:de"=>"Al Matammah", "name:en"=>"Al Matammah", "name:fr"=>"Al Matammah", "int_name"=>"Al Maţammah"
76 Al Matun District Yemen 16.279864000056442 44.638901999999995 "name"=>"مديرية المتون", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المتون", "name:de"=>"Mudiriyat Al Matun", "name:en"=>"Al Matun District", "name:fr"=>"Mudiriyat Al Matun", "int_name"=>"Al Matūn"
77 Al Mawasit Yemen 13.306394999712179 44.10052 "name"=>"مديرية المواسط", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المواسط", "name:de"=>"Al Mawasit", "name:en"=>"Al Mawasit", "name:fr"=>"Al Mawasit", "int_name"=>"Al Mawāsiţ"
78 Al Miftah Yemen 15.957660000019612 43.514679 "name"=>"مديرية المفتاح", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المفتاح", "name:de"=>"Al Miftah", "name:en"=>"Al Miftah", "name:fr"=>"Al Miftah", "int_name"=>"Al Miftāḩ"
79 Al Mighlaf Yemen 15.311252999944061 43.183581 "name"=>"مديرية المغلاف", "name:ar"=>"مديرية المغلاف", "name:de"=>"Al Mighlaf", "name:en"=>"Al Mighlaf", "name:fr"=>"Al Mighlaf", "int_name"=>"Al Mighlāf"
80 Al Milah Yemen 13.325542999714276 44.926655999999994 "name"=>"مديرية الملاح", "name:ar"=>"مديرية الملاح", "name:de"=>"Al Milah", "name:en"=>"Al Milah", "name:fr"=>"Al Milah", "int_name"=>"Al Milāḩ"

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