List of all state's in Egypt with Latitude and Longitude

# Name Country Latitude Longitude Other Language Names
1 Aswan Governorate Egypt 23.10462130037989 32.4239202 "name"=>"محافظة أسوان", "name:ar"=>"محافظة أسوان", "name:de"=>"Gouvernement Assuan", "name:en"=>"Aswan Governorate", "name:fr"=>"Assouan", "name:ru"=>"Асуан"
2 Ismailia Governorate Egypt 30.367197699708274 32.156546199999994 "name"=>"الإسماعيلية", "name:ar"=>"الإسماعيلية", "name:de"=>"Gouvernement Ismailiya", "name:en"=>"Ismailia Governorate", "name:fr"=>"Ismaïlia", "name:hu"=>"Iszmáilita kormányzóság", "name:ru"=>"Исмаилия"
3 Matrouh Governorate Egypt 29.93878159974526 26.489472799999998 "name"=>"مطروح", "name:ar"=>"مطروح", "name:de"=>"Gouvernement Matruh", "name:en"=>"Matrouh Governorate", "name:fr"=>"Marsa-Matruh", "name:hu"=>"Matrouh korányzóság", "name:ru"=>"Матрух"
4 New Valley Governorate Egypt 23.980276300334097 27.726996599999996 "name"=>"الوادي الجديد", "name:ar"=>"الوادي الجديد", "name:de"=>"Gouvernement Neues Tal", "name:en"=>"New Valley Governorate", "name:fr"=>"La Nouvelle-Vallée", "name:hu"=>"Új völgyi kormányzóság", "name:ru"=>"Новая Долина"
5 North Sinai Governorate Egypt 30.590347399690547 33.7052032 "name"=>"شمال سيناء", "name:ar"=>"شمال سيناء", "name:de"=>"Gouvernement Nordsinai", "name:en"=>"North Sinai Governorate", "name:fr"=>"Sinaï Nord", "name:hu"=>"Észak-sínai kormányzóság", "name:ru"=>"Северный Синай"
6 Red Sea Governorate Egypt 24.660183100285817 34.139992899999996 "name"=>"البحر الأحمر", "name:ar"=>"البحر الأحمر", "name:de"=>"Gouvernement Rotes Meer", "name:en"=>"Red Sea Governorate", "name:fr"=>"Mer-Rouge", "name:hu"=>"Vörös-tenger kormányzóság", "name:ru"=>"Красное Море"
7 South Sinai Governorate Egypt 29.207675499815963 33.81194409999999 "name"=>"جنوب سيناء", "name:ar"=>"جنوب سيناء", "name:de"=>"Gouvernement Südsinai", "name:en"=>"South Sinai Governorate", "name:fr"=>"Sinaï Sud", "name:ru"=>"Южный Синай"
8 Suez Governorate Egypt 29.416542699794928 32.1490967 "name"=>"الغربية", "name:ar"=>"الغربية", "name:de"=>"Gouvernement Sues", "name:en"=>"Suez Governorate", "name:fr"=>"Suez", "name:hu"=>"Szuezi kormányzóság", "name:lt"=>"Sueco muchafaza", "name:ru"=>"Суэц"

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