List of all district's in Togo with Latitude and Longitude

# Name Country Latitude Longitude Other Language Names
1 1st District Togo 6.126968599438523 1.2240612 "ref"=>"1", "name"=>"1er Arrondissement", "name:en"=>"1st District", "name:fr"=>"1er Arrondissement", "alt_name"=>"Lomé 1er", "short_name"=>"1er Arr.", "alt_name:en"=>"Lomé 1st", "alt_name:fr"=>"Lomé 1er", "short_name:en"=>"1st Dis.", "short_name:fr"=>"1er Arr."
2 2nd District Togo 6.175180599436219 1.2554379 "ref"=>"2", "name"=>"2e Arrondissement", "name:en"=>"2nd District", "name:fr"=>"2e Arrondissement", "alt_name"=>"Lomé 2e", "short_name"=>"2e Arr.", "alt_name:en"=>"Lomé 2nd", "alt_name:fr"=>"Lomé 2e", "short_name:en"=>"2nd Dis.", "short_name:fr"=>"2e Arr."
3 3rd District Togo 6.146036699437605 1.2663013 "ref"=>"3", "name"=>"3e Arrondissement", "name:en"=>"3rd District", "name:fr"=>"3e Arrondissement", "alt_name"=>"Lomé 3e", "short_name"=>"3e Arr.", "alt_name:en"=>"Lomé 3rd", "alt_name:fr"=>"Lomé 3e", "short_name:en"=>"3rd Dis.", "short_name:fr"=>"3e Arr."
4 4th District Togo 6.127677599438488 1.2087325999999998 "ref"=>"4", "name"=>"4e Arrondissement", "name:en"=>"4th District", "name:fr"=>"4e Arrondissement", "alt_name"=>"Lomé 4e", "short_name"=>"4e Arr.", "alt_name:en"=>"Lomé 4th", "alt_name:fr"=>"Lomé 4e", "short_name:en"=>"4th Dis.", "short_name:fr"=>"4e Arr."
5 5th District Togo 6.169344899436493 1.2026602999999998 "ref"=>"5", "name"=>"5e Arrondissement", "name:en"=>"5th District", "name:fr"=>"5e Arrondissement", "alt_name"=>"Lomé 5e", "short_name"=>"5e Arr.", "alt_name:en"=>"Lomé 5th", "alt_name:fr"=>"Lomé 5e", "short_name:en"=>"5th Dis.", "short_name:fr"=>"5e Arr."

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