List of all county's in Peru with Latitude and Longitude

# Name Country Latitude Longitude Other Language Names
1 District of Canoas de Punta Sal Peru -4.012292899704284 -80.889965 "name"=>"Distrito de Canoas de Punta Sal", "name:en"=>"District of Canoas de Punta Sal", "short_name"=>"Canoas de Punta Sal"
2 District of Casitas Peru -4.090751199701672 -80.68848079999998 "name"=>"Distrito de Casitas", "name:en"=>"District of Casitas", "short_name"=>"Casitas"
3 District of Corrales Peru -3.5982941997204487 -80.51441469999999 "name"=>"Distrito de Corrales", "name:en"=>"District of Corrales", "short_name"=>"Corrales"
4 District of La Cruz Peru -3.670862499717329 -80.571425 "name"=>"Distrito de La Cruz", "name:en"=>"District of La Cruz", "short_name"=>"La Cruz"
5 District of Matapalo Peru -3.7555316997138406 -80.2522386 "name"=>"Matapalo", "name:en"=>"District of Matapalo", "name:es"=>"Distrito de Matapalo"
6 District of Pampas de Hospital Peru -3.845225299710326 -80.3899845 "name"=>"Distrito de Pampas de Hospital", "name:en"=>"District of Pampas de Hospital", "short_name"=>"Pampas de Hospital"
7 District of Papayal Peru -3.5705936997216705 -80.2962193 "name"=>"Distrito de Papayal", "name:en"=>"District of Papayal", "short_name"=>"Papayal"
8 District of San Jacinto Peru -3.8388291997105704 -80.51949419999998 "name"=>"Distrito de San Jacinto", "name:en"=>"District of San Jacinto", "short_name"=>"San Jacinto"
9 District of San Juan de la Virgen Peru -3.646004599718383 -80.404156 "name"=>"San Juan de la Virgen", "name:en"=>"District of San Juan de la Virgen", "name:es"=>"Distrito de San Juan de la Virgen"
10 District of Tumbes Peru -3.5556776997223363 -80.4255993 "name"=>"Tumbes", "name:en"=>"District of Tumbes", "name:es"=>"Distrito de Tumbes"
11 District of Zarumilla Peru -3.475295399726011 -80.30450299999998 "name"=>"Zarumilla", "name:en"=>"District of Zarumilla", "name:es"=>"Distrito de Zarumilla", "name:qu"=>"Sarumilla distritu"
12 District of Zorritos Peru -3.802042099711994 -80.71835979999999 "name"=>"Zorritos", "name:en"=>"District of Zorritos", "name:es"=>"Distrito de Zorritos"
13 Pillco Marca Peru -9.952151199911041 -76.2508855 "name"=>"Pillco Marca"

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